Selecta – because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep.

Selecta is a supplier of mattresses, slatted frames and beds. Development, design and production all take place in-house. A standard of quality that has been “Made in Germany” plays a decisive role, where first-rate materials meet distinctive, modern design – manufactured with the utmost of care and reliability. The result is perfectly harmonised products, with multiple combination options and an excellent price/performance ratio.

Matratzen Entwicklung Design Produktion Made in Germany Selecta Qualität
Regional Rohstoff Holz Verarbeitung Made in Germany

Selecta involvement

Selecta Matratzen GmbH is a member of the Fachverband Matratzen-Industrie e.V. trade association for mattresses. Leading, renowned companies work together in this association to create publicity for the importance of ergonomic, good sleep.

The family business

Parent company Rössle & Wanner is a member of the “DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER” – ASU, an association representing the economic interests of 180,000 family-owned companies in Germany with eight million employees subject to national insurance. Contacts include representatives from politics, the media and the general public. 90% of companies in Germany are family-owned. They make up 60% of all jobs subject to national insurance and 80% of trainee positions. 8 out of 10 inventions come from family-owned companies. The voluntary members campaign on behalf of family-owned companies in many issues related to politics, society and media.

Handgefertigt Made in Germany Selecta Qualität
Selecta Visco Schaum Matratze
Selecta Qualität Matratzen Betten Romantik

Environmentally friendly and sustainability

As a subscriber to the WIN-Charta (signed by parent company Rössle & Wanner), Selecta Matratzen GmbH is committed to sustainability. WIN-CHARTA was created as a module for companies applying the principles of sustainable management. As part of the overall sustainability strategy of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, it is based on commitment, self-initiative and external communication. To combine the experience and knowledge of committed companies, the Wirtschaftsinitiative Nachhaltigkeit (WIN) (business initiative for sustainability) introduced its sustainability strategy in February 2010, which Rössle & Wanner adopted from the beginning as a founding member. Pioneers for sustainable management work together with the Baden-Württemberg state government to develop and drive key factors for success. They focus on mutual exchange, common strategies and cooperation projects.


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